Meet our Amazing Incredible Awesome Team

Here the people behind the success of Proways Dynamic Resources, the people that makes this company a Huge success!

Afeez Akinyoade CEO, Founder

Afeez Adewale Akinyoade CEO, PROWAYS DYNAMIC RESOURCES LTD. Afeez Adewale Akinyoade holds a first degree in Statistics and worked briefly with Infogem Ltd, Ikeja, Lagos before joining NEOLIFE International (NLI) as a partner. After working as a partner with NEOLIFE International for about 15/16/ months, he was recognized as a World Team Member, this position allowed him to take full control of his team and he began looking for ways to upgrade the system of doing things in order to facilitate professionalism, growth and better understanding and acceptability of the company's opportunities, products/services and other benefits.

Afeez registered and established his own company- -PROWAYS DYNAMIC RESOURCES LTD. The main aim of establishing the company is to assist everyone who shares the view of NEOLIFE International to END THE TREND of chronic diseases through the provision of distinctive products and services, and thereby create wealth by building sustainable businesses. In more than 4 years of partnering with the NLI, he has had 4 NLI-sponsored international trips accompanied by his wife. Moreover, Adewale is very passionate about what NLI offers health, wealth, time and financial freedom and most importantly, personal development.

His modest success is in those who have seen and believed in this opportunity and are now living their dream lives. Akinyoade and his Proways Dynamic Resources Ltd Team are here to help those who have vision and are ready to achieve their dreams through diligence and determination. He invites everyone to join his PROWAYS DYNAMIC RESOURCES Team to achieve their dreamed success.